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I canz do Voice Acting, too!

2010-06-04 15:55:34 by kadenkoba


Here it is.


Okay. Since the file APPARENTLY has taken three days in the approval process, I'm going to assume that the moderators are NOT going to approve that file, so I've removed the link.

Looks like you'll all have to wait for me to submit my next entry, and that might be a while, since most of it is going to be hand drawn.

The First Project on the List...

2010-05-28 23:50:14 by kadenkoba

Is finally done and submitted to the Portal now!

Not much else to say, other than I fixed the glitch, and also got everything the way that I wanted it to be.


I feel like tacos...


We will--I will--whatever, INVADE NEWGROUNDS.

Time will be taken, and not given back. Like candies from you and your babies.

N00b nuisances beware, for I am Katri Mattrix. You don't hear my name, but one day, you know you will fear.

I'll make you all afraid.


Meh, whatever.